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Welcome to the gaming world! In the current era, PubG or, you may refer to it as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become the most played game of all time. PubG has not been on the news for just being famous, but it has been on the charts for some controversies. PubG has been banned from several countries like India, Pakistan, China, or Nepal. To connect or download PubG there are some Best VPNs for PubG which will make your life easier.

As the gaming industry is one of the largest industries in the world, gamers in every country need access to such games. PubG mobile lite has again become the most downloaded game of the century which brings us back to our point that gamers all around the world need access.

Can't read the full article? Here are the 3 best VPNs for PubG:

If you are traveling or live in a country where PubG is banned then you might need to know how to play PubG with VPN. PubG stats show many players from Pakistan and India have now become known for their PubG playing skills.

VPN for mobile is necessary even if you are a gamer or not. VPN protects your device from being hacked or data to be stolen. Our Recommendation, in this case, would be Cyberghost VPN for mobile.

Features of VPN for PubG:

If you are willing to buy a VPN for PubG you might need to look for some major factors in VPN services. Unblocking Geo Restriction is one of the top priority factors which needs to be addressed. If you are planning to travel you must know your VPN unblock geo-restrictions for locations like China.
Hiding IP addresses for access is a must. Many VPNs claim to hide your IP address for browsing and surfing. However, this is not the case in many VPNs, especially Free VPN for PubG might not be a good choice to hide your IP address.
Choosing a VPN for Gaming can be tough. To make it easier, you should go for a VPN which provides you with multiple devices under a single license. This way you can get access to your PC, console, and mobile for gaming. We recommend to go for CyberGhost

Here are some great VPNs for gaming:

1. Cyber Ghost

Play PubG with VPN

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Features How to Play Pubg
Play PubG and more on multiple devices
Install CyberGhost on any device
Support team available 24/7
Launch CyberGhost application go get connected right away
Exclusive Masking and Hiding IP Address
Setup your VPN to play PubG
Easy to use interface on every devices
Make sure to use your credentials to log in
No restrictions and thousands of server all around the world
Connect to fastest server with CyberGhost
DNS Encrypted fully privately to secure maximum data
Play, Browse, Stream with CyberGhost VPN
Kill switch to eliminate any identity or data leak
Pros Cons
Best security measures by CyberGhost
A little complex interface to use at first.
Geo-restrictions unblocked CyberGhost
Vast servers with unlimited locations access
Great pricing plans for PubG players
Onboard support from CyberGhost team
Connect up to 7 devices on same time

2. Express VPN

Play PubG with VPN

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Features How to Play Pubg
Streaming from different platforms
Choose a device to connect ExpressVPN
Chat and Call Support 24/7
Download Express VPN
Exclusive Masking and Hiding IP Address
Launch ExpressVPN software on your chosen device
Easily operated on every device
Setup your VPN to use for your work
No logs or policies before logging
Connect your device to VPN server
DNS Encrypted fully privately to secure maximum data
Finally play PubG with ExpressVPN
Pros Cons
Ultimate security protocols on Apps and Servers
More expensive than other VPNs in market
No logs and Policy from ExpressVPN
Wide locations and Servers option available
Defined pricing structures and plans
Money back 30 day support
On board support from ExpressVPN team
Can be used up to 6 devices simultaneously

3. Nord VPN

Play PubG with VPN

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Features How to Play Pubg
More than 5000 servers around 60 plus countries.
Install NordVPN service on the device
Encryption AES-256 against cyber leaks and hacks applications on your device.
Open NordVPN
One of the best VPN for PubG
Launch the App on your device
Multiple Connections at the same time on different devices.
Use your credentials to Log in
Supported by Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux.
Press connect button to get yourself non stop PubG play
Best experience by Macbook users.
Pros Cons
Top of the line security and safety
Might delay connecting from far away IP address
Kill switch to nullify any data theft
Limited access for torrenting
Now also support crypto as payment
High quality streaming on different channels
Supports around 5 devices simultaneously, play PubG with your friends
Money back guarantee available

Frequently Asked Questions:

You need to log in to VPN and then play PubG online with ultimate game performance.

You can connect to multiple devices at the same time. Cyberghost connects up to 7 devices simultaneously and this makes it the best VPN for PubG.

Yes, but we do not recommend anyone to play PubG for free on a VPN. If you pay for a VPN and play any game you get ultimate security and high-quality performance as well.

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