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We would like to share our honest experience using SurfShark VPN. Having the best introductory deals in the world and the best value for money, it can be easily labeled as one of the best VPNs in the world.

Surfshark Features
Surfshark servers

Why has it so much reached the audience you may ask? The answer to that is, More than 1700 servers are distributed around different 170 locations in 63 countries. Most SurfShark VPN reviews would be more sophisticated and not specifying on details. I will talk about SurfShark and as a new user; I will be defining my Team awesome experience using it. 

Let’s Get Started With Basics

SurfShark is the best VPN for the newbie as it is very user-friendly. It can be easily adapted by Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux applications. It is highly recommended to use for website unblocking with Chrome and Firefox extensions. On top of that, it also provides a smart DNS system for gaming consoles. 

✓ Windows ✓ macOS ✓ Linux
✓ Android
✓ FireTV
✓ iOS

Satisfying my Value for Money aspect

Last but not least, the factor to go for SurfShark is its plans and pricing. We were really surprised to get to know what they have in store to offer in just a $2.49 per month plan. It’s an ice-breaking deal to get a fully-featured VPN with unlimited devices, 24/7 support, AdBlocker, Two-Factor authentication, and much more. Other VPN providers like NordVPN and Expressvpn are charging more and giving less.

1 Month

$12.95 / month
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

6 Months

$6.49 / month
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Other plans from SurfShark are also available; it depends on your use and what type of plan suits you better. $!2.95 per month is for the user who is just buying it for a month. If you increase your subscription period and take it to 6 months then your plan will become $6.49. 

SurfShark will Serve for Streaming

VPN users mostly ask about its ability to bypass restricted platforms. We did not experience any kind of issues unblocking Netflix US and also the UK. Moreover, we also tried Disney+, Hulu, HBO, and Others and did not face any disturbance in performance. VPN’s in the market claim to bypass geo-restricted platforms but usually, this problem is faced by other VPN users. I was pretty impressed by how SurfShark VPN bypassed these restrictions. We had to switch between servers to find one that worked properly but it was fast and easy to find one. 

HBO now

While using US Netflix we also noticed that it got connected to some EU servers. But when we looked through we found out that it was common and the customer service center claims that it is a secret, but it is completely secure. SurfShark Server VPN crawls around and connects to the server which is faster than others. People usually think that a server that is near will give faster results but SurfShark customer support confirmed that it is not the case in every situation, there is the possibility that other servers might be giving faster connectivity

Performance Matters

Now it’s time to test its Speed. SurfShark VPN Download can be enticing once you experience its performance. Speed is one of my main concerns, so we did proper diagnosis by using it in different situations. Firstly, we diagnosed server locations which were more than 25 server locations, in which we did not experience any slowdowns, surprisingly. Even though we tried more than 16000 kilometers away from my location; still, the result was pretty decent. 

My Data means SurfShark Data

When it comes to security my favorite feature of SurfShark is “Kill Switch” and why is that? It blocks internet accessibility to prevent identity leaks when the connection is ever failed.


Everything else in SurfShark is similar to other VPNs. Encryption AES-256, Wire Guard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN UDP TCP are just the same as other VPNs are providing. The standards of VPN servers are really up to the mark because there is always a risk of getting information leaked or hacked. So SurfShark continues to be one of the safest VPNs on the internet for sure. 


Gaming VPN

With more cloud and online server gaming, VPN is becoming important day by day. SurfShark is one of the best VPN top uses for your undisturbed action-filled gaming session. However, we found some lag and loading problems when we connected to Far away servers like Belgium. Its Fastest Server feature gave me experience like I was connected to my internet base.


SurfShark VPN supports Playstation and Xbox consoles with all updated features. Playing open-world games has never been so fun with VPN. Just install SurfShark VPN easily and get an extension into your gaming console.

Works Like A Beast Everywhere

VPN is used in offices and businesses also and my use is not similar to any business but we can say that we certainly use it for P2P file sharing. SurfShark VPN review also recognized performance, when it comes to data transferring and sharing. We were a little confused in starting to recognize exactly which server is used for P2P sharing files specifically. We have tried and tested other VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, but all these VPNs require the user to manually choose a torrent server. The ease and fast automatic connection in SurfShark are amazing and a distinctive feature. 

What we would like to say in conclusion

What we liked the most was that we can get unlimited accessibility on multiple devices. SurfShark VPN reviewsalways talk about its unlimited devices as there are no worries when it comes to that. When we compared it to other providers in the market we found out that SurfShark VPN Download is the only provider that is giving unlimited access to unlimited devices. A user won’t mind a little lag in the gaming experience when it is connected to faraway servers when they are getting unlimited access to devices and so many other benefits in the plan. Our final verdict would be to go for SurfShark VPN, use it with all excitement and discover what else they have in store. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why is SurfShark VPN reliable?

    SurfShark VPN has been reliable for providing professional VPN services for so many years. The team behind the support is educated and well trained to guide customers. The payment procedure is easy and installment is a piece of cake.

  • Can I use a free VPN?

    We would recommend not using any free VPN. The reason for not using a free VPN is that it might not be totally safe and might not hide your IP addresses. Always use paid and reliable VPN in the market. 

  • Using VPN legal or not?

    Using VPN is legal and does not count in Illegal activity. If you are just using it for streaming and different region access it is not a problem.

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