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Many services like streaming and torrenting are conquering their importance in our daily lives. PureVPN Review elaborates how well it works with streaming platforms. Daily usage of Netflix or iPlayer is becoming a norm in society. Every region is not privileged to get this pleasing service immediately, so they use VPN.


VPN services apparently are becoming more and more critical for everyone, regardless of whether someone is operating for startup or just using it for their own household. We as a team go through some options to try for our new networking project. PureVPN Review on the internet gave us plenty of information regarding its services. With more than 6500 servers in 140 countries all around the world PureVPN Service has been one of the prominent options for us to review and test.

Pure VPN Prices and Affordability

1 Month

$10.95 / month
  • 10 device support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support

12 Months

$2.99 / month
  • 10 device support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support

Prices and deals on the charts are basically eye-catching features that drive a consumer towards VPN Service. For every user, PureVPN Deals are exclusive and divided into three options. With a 1-Month Plan, users get all of its features and benefits for only $10.95 per month which we opted for because we needed to test. Then there is a 1-Year Plan in which you get each benefit in half of the price, $5.83 per month, which again is an amazing deal for any long-term user. The last exclusive pricing plan is for $2.99 per month with all of the perks and features included. Usually, users opt for the 2 years option because it makes users carefree for 2 years in a row. PureVPN Price is comparatively low than other VPN services in the market at the moment. 

PureVPN - Speed and Overall Performance

We acknowledge all the factors which might make VPN connection slow and steady. Firstly we connected PureVPN to a local server which was also located in the US. Local connections work faster than far ones because it is easier for servers to travel data. So amazingly it worked really fine. PureVPN App is also designed with high user friendly interface which makes it more appealing to audience. 


To get an accurate measurement, I compared mine after and before speed. Before connection with PureVPN Server, it was around 12.22 Mbps of installing and downloading. Uploading was approximately around 0.89 Mbps, and Ping showed 33 Mbps. PureVPN Chrome Extension works perfectly fine with new updates and better interface. 

To compare it with faraway servers, I connected to PureVPN Australia Server to give it a try. The downloading speed which was before 12.22 Mbps was dropped and landed on 10.80 Mbps of downloading speed. Upload also dropped a bit but overall Ping showed an amazing increment of 74 ms. In PureVPN Review, I tried to analyze as many servers as possible to get unbiased results.

Downloading and uploading was not that bad in the overall experience. There were no prominent lags or disruptions in connectivity because of its high-quality strength connection. PureVPN Access has amazing results but it can be improved by the service provider in upcoming times.

Streaming and Networking

Streaming content online got us all wondering what’s next? With new TV shows and movies coming out every weekend, we all have plenty of entertaining stuff piling up to watch. Unfortunately, not everyone can access all of the networks and that is where Pure VPN comes into action. It gives unrestricted and no lag connection on every network.


Like any other VPN Streaming Service, PureVPN also works at the same pace. Just connect your VPN with the system and browse the preferred network to see if there is access available. Trying out on different servers and locations can help to find out the best connection.

Streaming PureVPN Netflix was a piece of cake and it got easily connected without any hesitation or disruptions. PureVPN Review connected through all servers and it cleared the test immediately. BBC iPlayer Stream was easily consumed as well without any lagging or disruptions. Streaming content and getting access to all of its collection was pretty satisfying.

Not all access was immediate and satisfying, we faced problems in getting access to Prime Video. Tested on three different locations and servers but there was no luck. However, we got pretty amazing results on Disney+ PureVPN Stream and all connections to locations were rapidly connected and easily accessed.

Privacy and Secured Connections

When talking about Pure VPN Privacy policy it is clearly stated on their website that they do not keep any kind of information regarding connection, access, location IP addresses, or connection time. However, it is really impressive for VPN to state it openly in bold, but it’s not all confidential. The information is kept in the connection logs list in which there are some confidential details that might affect overall security policy. The sites which are visited are kept confidential with all traffic of outgoing servers.


Having strong encryption and secured connections makes VPN more valuable. To protect the leakage or trespass of your connection VPN use Data encryption AES-256 to make it reliable. PureVPN Encryption is formulated to bring high-quality protection to all abuse. Hackers might try to decode and trespass but Encryption AES-256 holds up a barrier so strong that it would take years to decode.

Kill Switch VPN has all got it covered when it comes to any leakage of confidential data. Kill switch automatically switches off or switches server if there is any kind of mishap detected. Users are totally anonymous with the PureVPN service which makes it one of the best-selling VPNs in the market.

PureVPN Review - Our Final Thoughts

PureVPN Review has to work on its Privacy and security policy and has to check Amazon Prime servers to make it the best VPN on the list. Hands down it is one of the most affordable yet fastest VPN Service Providers in the market. 31 Day Money Back Guarantee makes it even better than its competitors on these price plans. We would recommend users to give it a try and see how many great features and highly encrypted services they are providing.


It depends on your use. However, Pure VPN is one of the best VPN providers in the market which gives the most updated and new features with reasonable pricing plans.

A VPN is a system software that hides or masks your original IP address and changes it to another IP address to secure your identity.

VPN or Virtual Private Network is used for hiding IP addresses to connect to different regions and locations. Users utilize VPN for personal and business-related work. 

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