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30-day money-back guarantee


What else do you need when you have an ordinary VPN service with unconditional privacy along with features which make your identity and data secure. PIA or Private Internet Access has all features you desire from a VPN. In this Private Internet access Review, we will discuss several major factors which are ultimately important for any VPN user. Our readers always ask to evaluate services and products which are ultimately the best so here we are with Private Internet Access review exclusively for our readers.

In this review you will learn:

  • Servers PIA VPN provides to users all around the world
  • Customer support always on board to guide through process
  • High quality VPN for unblocking websites
  • Anonymity and freedom comes together with Private Internet Access PIA
  • High quality service at a reasonable price, what else do you want?

Pricing Plans

One of the priorities of every VPN user is how much does it cost to use a VPN service. PIA Private Internet Access has the lowest VPN prices in the market. To get a connection for 3years you can easily buy a plan for $2.03/ month and get 3 months of free access. Is in it fascinating to get all features from the best VPN in the market for just $2.30 per month. There are more plans which may excite you and give you spare time to make a decision for your suitable plan. One interesting thing from PIA Private Internet Access is that their VPN plans are not complicated, they are designed for ease of use to choose from.

1 Month

$9.95 / month

3 Years + 3 Months

$2.03 / Month

1 Year

$3.33 / month


Getting China server access from outside or to use VPN from China, you might need to research a little before choosing VPN service. However, Private Internet Access has got you covered if you are planning to visit China in near future. VPN for China is easy to use PIA as it gives servers to china and can be used for Streaming VPN or blocked website surfing.

Private Internet Access VPN clearly overcomes many factors of VPN users and gives good quality of strength in connection with ultimate security for VPN users. With more than 80 countries’ radars and thousands of server connections it becomes easier for users to get fast speed connections for streaming or browsing experience

PIA Customer support

Best VPN features

Fully packed with top notch features and online security, PIA Private Internet Access is amongst the best options for VPN users. With PIA VPN hiding your IP Address from ISP and hackers gives you ultimate freedom to enjoy your browsing and streaming experience. Private internet access login gives you power over who can see your activity and who cannot. Connect your way to ultimate anonymity with a private internet access proxy.

Amazing world-class protocols and kill switch technology gives exclusive security feel to users when they are browsing unidentified. Along with high quality customizable settings software you have control over almost everything.

Customer Support

Moving towards the help center we acknowledge how well distributed the PIA VPN support portal  is designed. All sorts of guides and questions are available for new users to get rapid answers from the VPN customer support team.

Different options for knowledge base and news are defined for users who might not get all information while searching for a VPN. Customer support is always on board with 24/7 service. We got some questions when assessing the China server, but the team was on spot and got us all the information regarding the Chinese servers and guided us through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

It is possible if you are connected to an overcrowded server. PIA VPN has the best connections from more than 80 countries around the world and it is very much possible to get fast connections from different servers. If your speed slows down it clearly identifies that you should change your server. You just need to choose the best connection from the server and enjoy your VPN service.

Absolutely, there are so many VPN providers in the market who are not charging a single penny. However, it is very shady, as there is a cost invested to get servers and different IP addresses. If a company is not charging you anything for VPN service there are high chances of your data being sold. So do not risk your identity and data over some dollars and get yourself high-quality PIA VPN service.

Of course, PIA VPN application for iOS and Android has the option to use VPN for free for 7 days. It is just on a trial basis so users can experience amazing VPN PIA service. You don’t have to worry about getting in all for VPN software as PIA offers a money-back guarantee policy for 30 days. You can claim your money back if you are not satisfied with the service in 30 days.

There are different subscription models available for users, but we recommend to opt for a 2-year subscription plan which gives you the most demanded features at the most discounted prices. It will be the best option for new users as it is very cost-effective and useful at the same time.

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