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Choosing the best hosting plan is not a piece of cake when there are so many options in the market. Every hosting provider has something unique and advanced to provide. The top sellers in the list are now becoming aware of new launches and taking measures to develop something distinctive from others. NameHero Hosting is on top of the list in the current era, and it is getting a lot of hype from its customers. With Namehero Reviews and Hosting Reviews it will give plenty of information to every type of user. 


Affordable: One of the cheapest hosting brand in the market

Performance: Fast as Lighting run time

Discounts: Amazing discounts on Domains, Hosting and Cloud

User Friendly: Easy to use software


Interface: Needs updated interface

Less features: Add more features in the plan

Let’s talk about Speed


We tested and compared the speed of web page and site response with 10 different companies in the market. Results show magnificent speed from NameHero Hosting which gives tough competition to other competitors in the market. This brings huge attention from customers, as Name hero service is new in the market and still providing reasonably fast speed from other competitors.

NameHero Hosting offerings

Usually in the market hosting providers include hosting with domain. Name hero allows customers to buy hosting, cloud service, domains with Namehero VPS services along with website builder. All these services under one name can nullify chances of other competitors being in demand. This strategy by Name hero Hosting Plans is amazing as customers will obviously go for the same company to buy everything which they need.

So What To Opt for?

There are so many plans on the NameHero Hosting Platform. With every other service there are different offers for various users. Firstly we will talk about web hosting services, which comes in 4 different types of plans. Starter plan is for $3.13/month which gives access to 1 website with 1 GB RAM including all the facilities. This is mainly for beginners and new users of hosting. Plus Plan is for $5.44/month in which there is access to 7 websites and 2 GB RAM with all of the other features included. Then Turbo Plan consists of free Domain with Unlimited NVMe storage on platform, and this plan is for $8.38/month. Business plan is for $12.58/month with unlimited websites and 4 GB RAM. You can choose from all of the above options which suits best for your requirement.

For Reseller NameHero Hosting

There are plenty of options for Reseller Hosting plans on Name Hero. First option is for start ups and new investors which is Silver plan. It costs $13.72/month in which you get 40 clients accounts with 40 GB of storage and bandwidth of 500 GB. Gold plan includes 60 clients and 75 GB of storage which cost for $18.12/month. The best seller of all plans is Platinum plan. Cost of the Platinum package is $23.07/month in which you get 80 accounts of clients with 150GB storage and bandwidth of 1000GB. The last pan is for pro users and who want to invest and get exclusive returns. Diamond package includes 100 clients accounts with maximum storage of 200GB along with 2000GB of bandwidth. These all plans are designed specifically for long term users as they can get most out of their potential investment.

Are you interested in VPS NameHero Hosting?

Name hero hosting is hyped in the market because of so many services provided under one single name. VPS hosting service include 4 types of different plans. Cloud 2GB is for 23.17/month and gives developers all important features which they need. IP is dedicated with 2GB dedicated RAM and 2 CPU cores. This makes it good for new developers in the market as it is pocket friendly yet gives experience of good service. Then comes 4GB cloud and 6GB cloud service which are great for webmaster and application developers respectively. 4GB is for $28.97/month and 6 GB is for $42.31/month with all amazing features included. 8GB cloud is recommended to those who consume high levels of traffic and it cost $51.01/ month as it is on discount right now. All cloud plans are performing great in th3 market and we do not experience any kind of mishaps or disruption. We used VPS hosting of the name hero and did not feel any interruptions on the portal itself, just some lags while operating but it did not affect our overall operations.

Dedicated Servers and more

Name Hero is one of the finest hosting providers because it works on different services at the cheapest price. Namehero Dedicated servers are initially for those who want to access work professionally as it also provides a dedicated cloud for separated tasks. Standard dedicated Plan works with 3.8GHz and 4 Cores to operate which cost $162.37/month. This makes work much faster and enhances the quality of the work. Another plan called Enhanced cloud also works fine as we bought it for our own personal office work. It has 15 GB RAM along wit 5TB bandwidth for $202.97/month. Combination of different facilities on the same domain gives it more quality and reliability to clients and users.

Final Verdict

Using market-oriented platforms and mature brand posting gave us the opportunity to clearly analyze NameHero Hosting services on basic grounds. I would recommend any new user or moderate user to buy Name hero service to enhance their operating skills and gradually move on to much larger operations that can be utilized in further management.

Frequently asked questions:

It takes very little time to set up and start your hosting operations. Payment and receipts can consume some time but all work is done within seconds.

Hosting plans and VPS plans are most bought from customers. Other services are also appreciated by users.

It is easy to use and it is very cheap when compared with other hosting providers in the market.

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