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Today we are going to review another well-established name in the web hosting industry, Namecheap. In this article, we have gathered first-hand information to compile the most accurate Namecheap hosting review. We will elaborate on all the different aspects that you should identify before opting for a hosting service provider.

What does Namecheap is best known for? Is it the right hosting provider for you? In addition to being cheap what else it has to offer? We will answer all these questions while reviewing different aspects of Namecheap hosting.




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Minor speed issues 


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NameCheap Hosting Affordability

It is perhaps the most evident feature of this hosting service provider. We can not ignore the fact that it might be the first priority of a lot of people who are looking for a reliable hosting services provider at a cheap price. We believe that’s where Namecheap stands out among its competitors.

For shared hosting, Namecheap’s hosting prices start from $1.58 per month, which is quite reasonable. Namecheap hosting is also offering free trials for their various hosting packages.

Furthermore, we can not ignore the fact that it is not merely about lower prices but Namecheap hosting also provides reasonable and reliable resources.

Easy to Use

namecheap dashboard

With a very simple and easy to access user interface, we found Namecheap quite easy to use in a lot of different ways. Namecheap is all about convenience; whether it’s about hosting or managing a NameCheap domain.

A lot of times when you are adjusting settings or preferences while buying a domain or managing it, you might find it complicated. In the case of Namecheap hosting, we are pretty sure that everyone can easily access different settings and functions of domain buying, hosting, or management.

On the other hand, it is also important to mention that domain buying and hosting have different purposes and procedures. Buy Domain Namecheap is amongst best options to start your own domain with style. You might not need a lot of time and input while registering a domain. Whereas, for hosting there are more complex things involved. Hosting is more about managing multiple things such as site building, managing SSL certifications, managing email accounts, and much more at the same time.

Namecheap packages for both domain registration and hosting make the process not just easy to understand for users but also offers a convenient process for management.

NameCheap Hosting Customer Support

In this Namecheap hosting review the next point that we are going to highlight is the customer support feature of Namecheap. It is highly essential to have a very active and efficient customer support service in order to run a hosting platform successfully.

Currently, there are 2 main methods of reaching out to the customer support team of Namecheap. You can either opt for a ticket or live chat, these are two options available to avail in case you need to contact Namcheap’s customer support representatives. There is only one upset about customer support, there is no phone support service available as of now.

Apart from not having a phone support feature, we don’t have any complaints regarding customer support. The response for queries is very swift, as we have received a reply within a minute once we contacted customer support via live chat.

Secure Hosting

Namecheap has satisfactory security features to ensure safe and secure domain registration and hosting. There is one single issue regarding the information about detailed security settings and features. We couldn’t find or gather detailed information regarding the security of Namecheap hosting on their site.

That being said, we didn’t personally encounter or received any complaint about any security glitch. So it is safe to say that Namecheap has reliable security features to ensure consistent and efficient hosting services for its users.

Some of the highlights of Namecheap hosting’s security are its two-factor authentication, domain lock security, and WhoisGuard, SSL certification. Some of these features can be availed free of cost and others are included in packages or you have to pay a small amount to avail them.

Namecheap also has its own VPN service called ‘Namecheap VPN’. This VPN feature is easily accessible for the users once they upgrade the security or it can be purchased.

Uptime & Speed

Having a strong uptime is what customers look for in order to make their websites easily and swiftly accessible for the users. We found it quite interesting that Namecheap guarantees its users a 100% uptime, isn’t that worth taking the chance?

Although according to certain reviews and statistics Namecheap went down multiple times during 2018 and had an average availability of 99.82% according to Hosting Tribunal.

Whereas, our personal research and first-hand experience while using it the average uptime of Namecheap remained 99.9% which is quite sound. It rapidly improved its uptime which shows that Namecheap’s team is continuously making efforts to fulfill its commitment of strong uptime.

Furthermore, website speed is definitely one of the most critically important aspects that every user investigates. We didn’t face any evident unresponsive function on the site. It provides a reasonable loading speed with an efficient response time of around 0.36s. Namecheap can fulfill the requirement of a good speed website hosting.

According our data the speed stayed around 417 ms. Whereas, the uptime was around 99.96%.

Conclusion: Do We Recommend Namecheap Hosting?

The answer is ‘Yes’. There are numerous really beneficial features of Namecheap hosting at a very affordable price. So why not utilize your money wisely by availing a diverse range of essential hosting services from a reliable platform Namecheap.

Before compiling our Namecheap hosting review we have observed every single detail about various aspects of Namecheap. Apart from few minor setbacks, there is nothing much to complain about. These minor issues exist in every hosting platform, which are eliminated with time. So there is nothing to worry about, as Namecheap Dedicated server is known for consistent growth and improvements.

It is indeed the best hosting service provider for those who don’t have intense hosting requirements. Moreover, if you are still unsure and skeptical about the hosting services of Namecheap then simply go for 30 days free trial and. It’s a risk-free trial and highly useful for a lot of people who prefer to thoroughly check different features and aspects of hosting platforms before making a long-term commitment.

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    It is totally safe to use VPN on iOS devices. As long as it is a well known company you have nothing to worry about.

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