How To Unblock Netflix From Different Regions

Best VPN to unblock Netflix

How to log in and unblock Netflix from different regions?

Netflix is an online streaming platform that provides movies and TV shows for entertainment lovers. Hence, it has a wide range of different genre movies and TV shows, it is the best streaming platform in the world. Most users are not able to access different regions of Netflix and that is why we are going to guide you on how to log in to Netflix from different regions. To unblock Netflix users need to operate VPN for streaming

If a user has a subscription they can get access from anywhere in the world but if your country or region is not supported by Netflix then you might need the help of a VPN server to get your location changed and log in from your account. There are limitations from Netflix itself, from the library to other content as well. It is very easy to get access and unblock Netflix from other regions if you have a VPN

Unblock Netflix and different streaming platforms

Netflix being the most popular online streaming platform, makes other platforms look less attractive. However, many other platforms are liked and used by many clients and we know our readers would love to know whether these three VPNs provide services to all the streaming platforms? Yes! These VPNs are sorted out for just streaming and unblocking purposes. Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and other platforms are supported by these three VPN streaming services. These are the best VPN providers in the market as they get access from more than 3000 servers and hundreds of countries. Millions of users daily watch different shows and movies, and it creates a market for users who can not get access from their specified region.

Change region and get access to Netflix

1. You need to set up a Netflix account.
2. Install your favorite VPN to get access.
3. Selection of your country in VPN.
4. Go to the Netflix website and connect to the VPN.
5. log in to your Netflix account and enjoy an unlimited library.

Top VPNs to Unblock Netflix 2021

Question: Looking for the best one now? we recommend you to choose from the below list – Easy and Effective!

Hands down! ExpressVPN is the most popular and fast VPN service on the list. ExpressVPN is highly recommended for unblocked Netflix sessions. With fast connectivity and no lags, it also provides HD/4K level quality on streams and works perfectly fine without any disruptions. ExpressVPN’s best feature is that it eliminates the throttle of ISP which can consume load and increase buffering. More than 15 regions including the UK, US, Canada and Japan are supported. Many users get access from these regions for popular content. ExpressVPN servers are recognized for no limits on bandwidth as you can download as much as you want without any hesitation. It provides services all around the world with 94 plus countries and thousands of servers. This brings high-quality access to clients as it changes locations which gets high connectivity and more speed.

How to Setup with ExpressVPN:

  • Go to the ExpressVPN website and SignUp
  • Download ExpressVPN from an online store
  • Connect your device to the servers provided on the platform
  • Go to Netflix and login into your account
  • Search for your favorite library
  • Enjoy unlimited access to Netflix through ExpressVPN


Servers: Get access to more than 3000 servers with 90 plus countries

Multi Regions: Various Library Netflix available on the platform

Security: Secured and confidential experience to stream freely

Streaming: It unblocks other streaming platforms like Prime Video, BBCiPlayer, or Hulu

Multiple Devices: It can be directly associated with multiple devices- up to 5 devices connected to the server


Expensive: A bit expensive compared to other VPN providers

User Interface: Complicated software interface

Nord VPN website claims that the below Netflix regions are supported:

United Kingdom Australia
Canada India
United States Germany
Denmark France
Italy Japan
Netherlands Spain
Brazil South Korea
Finland Poland

NordVPN service is the best on the list to get full access to Netflix content. NordVPN has more than 60 countries on the list of different regions. It has 5198 servers in different 60 countries which gives plenty of options for NordVPN users to get access to the Netflix library. NordVPN is one of the most used VPN servers for Netflix. There are many reasons for NordVPN to be on the list but reliability and quality are the 2 main reasons. NordVPN is not just limited to Netflix, it gives access to different streaming platforms like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, or Prime Video by Amazon.

How to Setup with NordVPN:

  • Go to the NordVPN website and Sign Up
  • Install NordVPN from any store available
  • Connect to the servers provided on the platform and to the devices
  • Log in to your Netflix account to get library access
  • Search for your favorite library
  • Enjoy unlimited access to Netflix through NordVPN


Servers: Using NordVPN can give access to the local server on Netflix

Supported Devices: Highly compatible with your devices, TV, Smart Phone, Tablet, and other devices

Speed: High quality and fast speed for connectivity

Unblocking: Used widely in the market for Netflix streaming


Multi Regions: Other VPNs may open more libraries

Ivacy Website claims that the below Netflix regions are supported:

United Kingdom Australia
Canada India
United States Germany
Denmark France
Italy Japan

Ivacy VPN comes along with the high definition, high-quality 4K streaming facilities on Netflix from different regions. Ivacy is also a known name when it comes to streaming content from other locations. Ivacy is one of the cheapest yet amazing VPN service providers that is why it is on the list. Ivacy has more than 50 countries all around the world with more than 3440 servers to enjoy an unlimited streaming experience. Ivacy VPN service is cheaper compared with other VPN platforms and it does wonders with low price and high-quality results. With cheap rates, it also gives a 30-day money-back guarantee which makes it more reliable to clients.

How to Setup with IvacyVPN:

  • Sign up your account on Ivacy website
  • Download Ivacy application on your device
  • Different servers options, connect to the fastest connection (Streaming options)
  • Go to Netflix and login into your account
  • Search for your favorite library
  • Enjoy unlimited access to Netflix through Ivacy VPN


Cheapest VPN: It is the cheapest VPN service provider in the market

Multiple Devices: It connects up to 10 devices effortlessly

Quality: High-quality results, 4K/HD quality on 1080p resolution

Speed: The amazing speed with fewer connectivity issues

User friendly: Easy to set up and get started

For New Users: Highly recommend it for people who are new to streaming


Connection issues: Some lags between streaming on different devices simultaneously

Multi Regions: May show less library than other VPN service


There is no illegal sort of VPN utilization for Netflix. It is totally fine to use VPN for streaming Netflix content.

Yes, all digital devices are supported by VPNs to use Netflix. Laptops, Mobile device, Smart Television or any tablet is supported easily.

It is not a must if you have access or your region is supported, but it comes in handy while using other streaming platforms.

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