How To Hide My IP – Best VPNs to hide IP – VPN for IP

How to Hide my IP

VPN for IP – Why do you need to hide your IP

Every single user has their way of utilizing VPN service but major features of VPN are most important while choosing one. Some companies use VPN software to consume P2P sharing or torrenting files, some use it for encryption. VPN for IP are utilized on daily basis in current era Hiding IP addresses makes data transfer more secure, and protection by VPN gives satisfaction to clients if they hide their IP addresses.

Data security is one of the main reasons that VPNs are used. DNS leak support makes VPN for IP Address more useful for data security, clients may want to keep things confidential between user and client. Even ISP does not get access to your activity while connected to VPN. Below are some VPNs which are used to hide IP Addresses and are most popular in the current field.

Features in a Top-notch VPN

Speed DNS Protection Support Multiple Devices Support Server Options
Good Downloading Speed
Masking IP
Simultaneous Usage on Multiple Devices
24 hour Support on board
Wide Range of Server Location
Good Uploading Speed
Protection from Leakage
Support different Software Devices
Educated support Team
Access from different regions
Streaming without any lags
Protect Identity from ISP
Unlimited Bandwidth
Helpful support team members
No compromise on quality of far away connections
Run Time in seconds
Multilingual Support Team
HD/4K Streaming

Features of Nord VPN:

  • More than 5000 servers around 60 plus countries.


  • Encryption AES-256 against cyber leaks and hacks applications on your device.


  • IKEv2 protocol used by servers.


  • Multiple Connections at the same time on different devices.


  • Supported by Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux.


  • Best experience by Macbook users.

How to Use Nord VPN:

  • Install NordVPN service on the device


  • Open NordVPN


  • Launch the App on your device


  • Use your credentials to Log in

  • Press connect button to get yourself protected
NORD VPN-hide my IP


-> Top of the line security and safety

-> Kill switch to nullify any data theft

-> Now also support crypto as payment

-> High quality streaming on
      different channels

-> Supports around 5 devices

-> Protected by 2 VPN or double VPN

-> Money back guarantee available


-> Might delay connecting from far away IP address

-> Limited access for torrenting

Features of ExpressVPN:

  • Streaming from different platforms

  • Chat and Call Support 24/7

  • Exclusive Masking and Hiding IP Address

  • Easily operated on every device

  • No logs or policies before logging

  • DNS Encrypted fully privately to secure maximum data

  • Kill switch to eliminate any identity or data leak

How to Use ExpressVPN:

  • Choose a device that fully supports ExpressVPN

  • Download Express VPN

  • Launch ExpressVPN software on your chosen device

  • Setup your VPN to use for your work

  • Make sure to use your credentials to log in

  • Connect your device to VPN server

  • Finally stream, browse and use VPN service

PROS – ExpressVPN

-> Ultimate security protocols on Apps and Servers

-> No logs and Policy from ExpressVPN

-> Wide locations and Servers option available

-> Defined pricing structures and plans

-> Money back 30 day support

-> On board support from ExpressVPN team

-> Can be used up to 6 devices simultaneously

CONS – ExpressVPN

-> More expensive than other VPNs in market

-> A bit complex interface

Features of IPVANISH:

  • More than 60 countries accessed by over 900 servers

  • VPN tools make online access more secure

  • High quality service provided by IP Vanish VPN

  • Shield or hide your IP address to make it anonymous

  • More than 8 best performing connections at a time

  • Works well with download and upload of content

  • Provides P2P sharing and Torrenting files

How to Use IPVANISH:

  • First, go to the website and install IP Vanish VPN
  • Log in to your IP Vanish ID by using your credentials

  • Choose a server with best connection or as you want

  • Make sure to check settings

  • Customize VPN as you want to protect details

  • Enjoy your VPN Hidden Identity
IPVanish-hide my IP


-> Can be used on any device

-> Defined infrastructure and maintained support

-> High quality of speed on streaming

-> No interruptions on download and upload

-> IP Address Masking with best safety guides

-> Easy to pay pricing plans

-> Kill switch to target any data theft

-> Encryption AES256 with standardized policies

-> Torrenting and P2P supported VPN


-> Some bugs and lags might interrupt

-> Not pocket friendly VPN service

-> Support may lack efficiency

Features of SurfShark:

  • Protection of your real IP with Masked IP Address

  • IKEv2 security enhancement protocols by SurfShark VPN service

  • Data secured from ISP and other activity

  • Over 60 countries with more than 6000 servers all around the world

  • Netflix or any other streaming platform supported

  • HD/4k quality streaming results from SurfShark Streaming option

  • P2P and Torrenting top-notch performance

How to Use SurfShark:

  • Pay for your subscription on the website

  • Get your credentials ready to log in

  • Install the Application into your device

  • Launch your SurfShark VPN App with your credentials

  • Click the connect button to get connected with the nearest server

  • Define your custom settings on advanced features
surfshark-hide my IP

PROS – SurfShark

-> Strong encryption and high quality security

-> Data protection with AES 256 standard

-> Hiding IP with VPN to access different regions

-> Using VPN for Torrent and P2P file sharing on board

-> Maintaining Anonymity from other user and ISP

-> No Logs and policy from SurfShark VPN

-> Free trial available on portal

-> 24/7/365 customer support by SurfShark

CONS – SurfShark

-> Little slow while connected to more than 6 devices

-> Lacking of pricing plans for beginner level of user

-> Work more faster on iOS products than other

Frequently Asked Questions

Masking or hiding your IP is not illegal. It is used for work basics and it is normal to hide your IP. Some use it for confidential purposes and some may use it to get access to hidden content.

Three features which are major, Privacy, Security and Support. If these three features are provided by VPN service then it is basically one of the best VPN providers currently. Others might include, P2P sharing, Speed and Servers around the world.

Read reviews and test VPNs regarding your own needs. Every user has a different set of needs. If your chosen VPN fulfills your requirements, then go for it.

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