How to Access Chinese Content from Outside of China

Many content lovers appreciate Chinese content and would love to get full access to the china server so they can get content from china. Unfortunately, some websites and portals are not supported outside of China and if someone from an outside IP address wants to get access it doesn’t work. Hence, Many content sites like Youku, IQiyi, and CNTV are not allowed outside of China.

Some VPNs do come handy when accessing China content. Accessing china server is tough but today we are revealing some VPNs whom are successful getting access. China’s internet protocols are very secure and it is not easily accessible for any kind of VPN to get in through restrictions, luckily, some VPNs still work and give incredible results. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

You cannot access a Chinese IP address with Express VPN and Pure VPN. However, ExpressVPN can be used from China to get access to Google services, Netflix, and YouTube.

You need to just sign up with your favorite or trusted VPN service provider. Then you can easily connect with their service and change your existing IP address to another address. VPNs are mostly used for change of IP Addresses.

Our top picks would be NordVPN, CyberGhost, and Hotspot shield as they have been operating in China for a long time and have come up with different strategies to maintain relations with China’s internet.

There is no such proof that China has declared VPN usage as illegal, but with blocked and unsupported VPNs it can be assumed that there might be several restrictions.

If you are interested in knowing which VPNs are used for Chinese IP access it means that you already know China’s relation with the internet. Apparently, It’s really hard to get access or to get full content from outside of China

Our Top Picks for China Access

Many VPNs are collaborating and working on providing Chinese access from outside china, however, many have been unsuccessful in the tasks. We have got you covered! VPNs exclusively providing china IP addresses to get online access to Chinese content.

Nord VPN – The best option to get full access to Chinese IP

With amazing VPNs all around the world, only some can get access from Chinese servers. Nord VPN is one of the best VPN services that are converting measures to take frequent work from different countries. 

NordVPN does not exclusively assure to provide access, in our research, we find out NordVPN works well changing IP addresses including China. Apparently, Unblocking a great firewall is not easy, but NordVPN china’s access is highly confidential on how they get into Chinese IP addresses. However, many VPNs are now focusing on providing full access from the majority of the countries to get more clients on board.

Add ons and Benefits you get with NordVPN IP Address:

  • Connections from more than 5200 servers and above 60 countries all around the world
  • No interruptions and disturbance in connectivity and streaming of content
  • Get your home devices securely connected to VPN, multiple connections in a single time
  • Obscurity of servers to create a barrier to your privacy and get you to access through the borders

Cyber Ghost – Good Connections with Fast Speed

If streaming shows is your ultimate hobby and you do not want any disruptions in between? Then you must go for CyberGhost VPN

Honestly, With all of the options available in the market, you can rely on the CyberGhost VPN service to get you fully connected with Chinese content from abroad. Surprisingly, some of our clients love to watch Chinese entertainment content freely and do not want risky and slow VPN connections when they travel. 

Our ultimate pick for a travel buddy would be CyberGhost IP Access as it supports the most famous content from Youku, IQiyi, CNTV, and much more. Hideout your IP professionally and get access to your favorite content right away.

Facilities and rewards you get with CyberGhost VPN service:

  • Fast connections through online access and incredible speed results from abroad
  • Protected by Kill switch and DNS to protect your identity and IP information leakage
  • Secured money with payment back guarantee from the provider itself
  • Connectivity of more than thousands of servers
  • Get access to Chinese content channels, Youku, IQiyi, CNTV, and many more
  • Easily compatible with different nature of devices, Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, and more

Hotspot Shield – Reliable for different location IP address

The most widely known VPN service provider in the market, Hotspot Shield is one of the main VPNs to connect with Chinese servers from outside. Including all the best features, the hotspot shield is providing hidden IP service to Chinese content. Its speed and connectivity are incredible as it gives High quality with 4K/HD results. No lags and slowdowns while streaming online content. With DNS protection and a highly protected server, it is undetectable by interference or leakage. Protected by quality measures makes it the best VPN for IP address access streaming in China.

Advantages and Resources to avail from Hotspot Shield VPN:

  • 30 plus locations and more than 3200 servers to get access all around the world.
  • High-quality results for online show streaming. Easily accessed on Youku, iQiyi, and CNTV.
  • Protection and Privacy of data which protects any kind of leakages.
  • Can connect on 5 devices without any hesitations and interruptions.
  • 45 Day money-back guarantee from Hotspot Shield
  • Can be used in China to get access to Google services, YouTube, Netflix, and other China blocked services.


These are some amazing VPN providers from around the world which are used by Chinese users as well as outside of china users. Great for Geo-Blocking sites and accessing more content from China.

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