HostWind Hosting Review 2021

Server hosting is not that easy to judge at the first glance but when you jump into detail you might get to know a lot of new information which you might not know before. Our plan to buy VPS service led us to review HostWind. We will go through a different whole experience of downloading till using HostWind. Searching for VPS and Hosting we saw HostWind Reviews which gave us a lot to look forward to. Looking on to Shared Hosting Options. HostWinds features are so good and well maintained and are known for their features in its field.

Good Speed:1.01 seconds in total to open webpage with HostWind service
Great infrastructure but with less interactive and limited choices on data centres.
Easy to understand pricing: Best for newbies and reasonable for young start-up
Slow response on support. With enthusiastic personnel's running support, it might get little slow as compared.
Fantastic uptime: 99.995 which is the minimum range in Hostwind Hosting

Focusing on the Speed

We were ready to test the speed of HostWind hosting as it is the most crucial part for any hosting service provider. To get started with, a website was designed with extraordinary add ons and features to test the speed on an extreme level. Everybody in the market uses the tool Pingdom to check the speed. With its help, we got to know the speed and performance of the hosting. It clearly showed a 1.4 loading time for the website which is an amazing result for so extraordinary features website, and on top of that, it is a new website. Eyes closed, HostWind got what it takes to become the fastest hosting server in the market.

Amazing Uptime Measures

Uptime is one of the key features to look into when it comes to hosting servers. Uptime is basically how much time it took for the website to get up and running. In this highly competitive market, HostWind Hosting claims to provide 99.98 uptime which is hands down the best uptime in the market. Uptime can cost high margins because if your site is down for some reason and customer can not get in touch it might be a problem in future many web hosting sites does not perform well and put you in a risky position. So choose HostWind because it is reliable.

Get 24/7 Support and Guidance

Another reason to get HostWind services is that they keep track of their customers. Their immense concern over how well customer hosting service is running is incredible. The help of the team is just one query away. The support team is always there to assist you 24/7. I and my team got stuck over a server feature which we were not sure about so my team contacted HostWind support and they responded very maturely. Guidance is just one message away, so don’t worry about stucking between functions just rely in the Hostwind Support team.

Top Notch Private Server in the House

I and my team were very much concerned about private hosting service features. My team has seen reviews and features of the VPS service providers, out of which HostWind seemed to be the best one in the market. Our VPS usage was mostly linked to our clients. VPS is the option when it comes to operating on high quality and heavy resources for the site. If you cannot risk slowing down your domain because of shared hosting then VPS hosting is your ultimate option. Hands down, HostWind VPS has the most amazing features at a reasonable cost.

Reasonable VPS Hosting Plans

We examined different options but thought to share some important information with our readers so they can make a choice with full confidence. Hostwind VPS Hosting consists of different managed and unmanaged hosting plans for different types of users. The VPS hosting for Linux involves two options, first costing around $10.99 per month and second $50.99 per month. The difference between both is of total RAM, with CPU core function and monthly Terabyte data transfer. These features define the same for Windows VPS hosting but differ on cost grounds. With the same features, the cost is $16.99 which goes up to 56.99 per month.

Get into business with Reseller Hosting

As a new user for HostWind VPS services, we all were very interested to go for Reseller Hosting Plan. The reason for joining Reseller Hosting was because to get into the hosting business to get to know details in more depth. In this method, we rented space that was already well established and resell into the market. We were very much interested into start with Reseller Hosting but afraid to go through all the hassle work like server management and building infrastructure. With help of HostWind Reseller Hosting, we opted for this amazing opportunity to start our own hosting business. Moreover, we could use our own branding and have a great start-up plan. It costs around $8.99 per month in total.

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Extremely Easy to use

One of the appealing features of Hostwind is that it is really easy to use. Any new entrant can fully acknowledge its user-friendly experience. If the hosting provider makes it user-friendly then there are very high chances to get an increased amount of sales because people love to buy complicated stuff with an extremely unique user-friendly experience.

The Ending Note

With all features discussed in the review, I and my team personally go for HostWind VPS Hosting because of its protective yet easy-to-use experience. Having Reseller Hosting Plan along with high-quality services it makes other competitors take place from the HostWind position. They have proven to be more creative and bring more innovations. Hands down HostWind Hosting is the best in the market.

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