HostGator Hosting Review

Scale your domain as you go.
Guaranteed money back policy with SSL certificate and 99.9% uptime.

Guaranteed money back policy

As a young entrepreneur, I often come along in situations where I have to buy hosting for my different projects. I have some brilliant options online from many providers but we all know buying hosting happens to be a connection and trust, and I can certainly claim that HostGator is a fully trustworthy and reliable hosting provider. I and my team has been working on setting up a new project for our client and we bought Hostgator hosting.

Going through Hostgator Reviews we got to know that it is the world’s largest hosting provider for some extraordinary features. From VPS to WordPress hosting they offer everything related to hosting.

Let’s see what we experienced in the process..

The user-friendly experience of  Hostgator is incredible. If you don’t have previous experience, then you are on the right place.

What I pay for, I get it immediately. There is no questions asked for how great value HostGator provides over money.

Easy to start with. With amazing performance compared to other competitors, this one can be the best option to get it to start with.

Lets end it with Pricing

So here is the deal-breaker. Prices for Hostgator Pricing are very competitive in the market and with all the features, it may be the best deal you can get. We were confused between 2 pricing plans that are Hatchling Plan and Baby Plan. Hatchling plans cost is around $2.75/month which gets up to $33 per year. On other hand, Baby Plan is $3.50/month which can get up to $42 per year. Prices might vary for short-term plans because of all feature access. We opt for Baby Plan as it was very much close to our definite requirements.

Our focus was to get Unlimited websites and Unlimited Add ons on the website which both were fulfilled in Baby Plan. There is a Business Plan for people who have more requirements like free of cozy SEO tools and Dedicated IP addresses. So what are you waiting for? I hope that this might be very useful to you and your team.

What about HostGator Hosting performance?


To figure out how well hosting works, the best possible way is to check the Speed. In the HostGator review, we acknowledge different features but speed was our main priority.  I and my team were fully aware of how to take the speed test. We initially created a website with basic features and important features. We used a tool to measure its Speed, Pingdom. This gives a pretty accurate result for speed quality and gives a performance grade. Our test results showed 1.1 seconds web page load time which is really impressive if we take into consideration that it was not an old domain. Hostgator easily won the performance Speed test.

Storage: Unlimited space and storage capacity. It can handle up to 250,000 at a time.
It gets pricey after renewal. Its really cheap while buying for the firt time but it gets real profits from renewals.
The bandwidth situation is very flexible:This brings high quality traffic from unlimited pipelines.
The backup plan is severely poor. There is only one backup provided or you can add-on by paying more.
Different languages: Different languages of programming are supported

Now comes the Uptime


Measures of hosting are varied upon how well it Performs and how much uptime it guarantees. Hostgator Hosting Service claims to give over 99.94 uptime which is honestly very competitive but not the best uptime in the market. However, with the credit back option, it makes it worth trying with full confidence. Continuous uptime with a good level of performance means that hosting servers are working perfectly fine. Other competitors claim to give 99.99 on uptime but with the unreliability of different new entrants, Hostgator becomes the ultimate choice for users. Uptime for Hostgator Addon Domain  has become extraordinary because of its servers accessibility. With high-quality performance, uptime is increased automatically.

Team support is always there to help


The hosting servers usually ranked on how well their team support is working. Hostgator Domain has one of the best support teams available 24/7 which makes it more easy to use because whenever there is a minor or major problem you can get guidance from the team. We did experience team support help when we got stuck in running the application. It was not a major problem yet the team responded very maturely and guided us through the process.

The HostGator Hosting Redundancy Plan

Another major feature of Hostgator Log in is RAID – Redundant Array Independent Disks. This helps to perform smoothly without any hassle if one disk fails to operate. The server does not go down with two disks operating at once. This type of redundancy plan is basically very useful when your company is highly active on the webpage and the customer base is linked with the operations of servers. This was one of the favorite features of my team and they were really amazed by the smooth running server.

Money is another major concern

Me and my team were very dedicated to this activity as we were reviewing a hosting server for us and the audience who will be reading this review. We were really concerned about what if the server doesn’t satisfy or any problem occurs in between? The answer was pretty clear, 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee. As a user, there is always a factor of not liking the product or any mishap arrival. The company claims that if any error or dysfunction pops up then the user gets their money back. But the catch here is that the application of the 45-day money-back policy is not on Hostgator dedicated servers, installing charges, and administration charges.

What is SiteLock and Spam Assassin


Well, every hosting provider has security measures and they tend to give the ultimate secured experience to its users. Sitelock is a process in which Hostgator go through and monitors the server to see if there were any breaches or hacking on the server which can be used for detection and protection of hosting servers. Same as this Spam Assassin is a barrier for spam emails to enter the server. These two added values make Hostgator one of the best Hosting providers in the market.

Extremely Easy to use

Our need of hosting is very important, and as a new entrants me and my team are beginners. Hostgator CPanel is very easy to use, any beginner can easily set up their accounts and start working on their domain. Hosting can be highly effective if it is easy to use and customer tends to use these type of hosting servers which provide user friendly and high-speed experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Dedicated hosting is planned individually for specific servers, shared hosting has multiple access to servers from different locations.

It depends on your requirements. Different hosting programs are designed to cater to the different needs of customers. However, if you need to launch a website, you need to buy hosting for sure.

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