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In a digital world, VPNs are one of the most important tools to use on a daily basis. Talk about software houses or a local business, each entity has to use this tool at some point. We are a start-up software house and we are surprised by the performance of Express VPN. From all of the other options, we choose Express VPN for some amazing features it has and what value for money it is giving. As every user I first saw ExpressVPN Reviews and then let my team know that we will review this VPN service.

VPN for Decades

The VPN is very popular  in the market and it is known all around the world and the reason for its popularity is that this VPN performs amazingly well and has extraordinary abilities of unblocking. The process of bringing innovation and advancement is constant and people are wondering what else can change.  Streams are secured by Geo-blocking and some servers also show accessibility limitations.

ExpressVPN has been working on its features and constantly improving its user experience. However, competition is getting tougher as more VPNs are coming to the market but ExpressVPN has proven its stand on fastest VPN in the market. So just sit back and experience amazing VPN service.

VPN that’s worth every Penny

Now we will talk about the most important matter which can be influential over making a decision. ExpressVPN download comes with three different packages for various types of users. Like me and my team bought a 15-month package because it identifies and fulfills our each and every requirement. The 15-month bundle package is for $6.67 for every month. In this package I get every feature of ExpressVPN.

1 Month

$12.95 / month
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

6 Months

$9.99 / month
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Other types of users may like a 6-month or just one month Package depending on what type of work they are doing. Firstly we bought a one month package just for temporary use but changed our package to 15-month after using its commendable service. Other 2 packages are priced for $12.95 for one month and $9.99 for 6 months. It’s up to you to decide which package suits your criteria and fulfill your requirements.

Streaming for Starters

Many users have concerns over streaming on VPNs and we tested streaming first-hand. Netflix worked pretty smoothly while connected to US and UK, no glitches or lags experienced. My team was very impressed by HD quality ExpressVPN Streaming gave. Just to give a little tough time we connected to server of Australia Netflix. ExpressVPN again easily unblocked far away servers. The connection to Germany showed some delay and geo-restrictions but it also started working smoothly when it was connected to Nuremberg. Watch your favorite TV shows without any hesitation with ExpressVPN Netflix feature. 

Streaming Platforms

✓ Netflix ✓ Disney+ ✓ Hulu
✓ Amazon Prime
✓ BBC iPlayer
✓ Hotstar
✓ Peacock TV
✓ Fubo TV
✓ AbemaTV
✓ ITV Hub

We were really amazed by the streaming performance of ExpressVPN like Hulu worked really well and HBO and Disney+ ran smoothly. With ExpressVPN Download my team got reliable access to YouTube and Facebook. My expectation were totally met with streaming testing session. With all new features, this one specifically was my favorite.

What you will learn about ExpressVPN:

  • Watching your favorite movie on Netflix hasn’t been so relaxing. Without the hassle of geo restrictions, get HD quality and chill all the way.
  • Torrenting has not been so amazing before. The experience of digital safety is on another level. Dealing with clients or having P2P transactions is ultimately hassle free.

  • Beating every single competitor on its way, ExpressVPN has the best performance when it comes to speed. VPN protocol Lightway has taken all the leads.
  • Do not worry about leaking confidential information. ExpressVPN has committed to its promise and has given a fully secured system which terminates the risk.
  • Good news for game freaks! Experience lag free and smooth run on your favourite game. Making your open world experience extraordinary.

Torrenting works fine?

Torrenting is also one of the biggest concerns for VPN users. The unlimited and unrestricted bandwidth comes into use whenever P2P transfers are made in offices. Controlling clientele can be a hassle free experience if you have a privacy friendly service of VPN.

There are very low chances of getting confidential information leaked because a protection layer of DNS through ExpressVPN Torrent can make secure transfers and share on different servers, it protects from leaks with DNS and torrenting activity is much safer. Not just because of its protective trait but also for its performance and speed. Usually in offices P2P files are transferred and it really made our work easy when we tested its performance specifically in P2P sharing.

It’s All About Performance

Speed is a feature in which ExpressVPN beats all other providers. A new updated version of ExpressVPN shows a protocol called Lightway which has changed the whole game for VPNs. As every competitor was looking over WireGuard, ExpressVPN took the risk and went all against the odds. They created their own VPN protocol: Lightway. My team has claimed to get double speed compared to other protocols like OpenVPN.

Different areas are connected with different servers like the US server might be working faster than the UK server. In ExpressVPN Servers there is an option of directly connecting it to the fastest server, so my team connected it automatically. It showed around 15.8 mbps speed which was a sign that speed was dropped but not more than 50 percent which is a great sign. Then we connected the server from a more far away connection which was Australia. The speed at that moment lowered down to 10.8 mbps but still it was working fine. We assumed that it would get lower than 80 percent but however it was just 60 percent.

In ExpressVPN Reviews I acknowledged how people talked about its speed and performance which turns out to be totally correct. That means the risk ExpressVPN took by creating their own protocol benefited them on a large scale. And it also showed how innovative and unique they are compared to other competitors.

Gaming Session and ExpressVPN

Now it is time for a gaming session. My team is fond of virtual gaming and we like to play games in our break time. ExpressVPN Service again came into use, and we thought of taking a review of its performance on games. So in today’s world, games are connected virtually and graphics are on point. This is also one of the best VPN for gaming.

Our main focus was to get a smooth run with lags or disturbance.  We played GTA open world and got real good connectivity to servers all around the world. It was a pretty good experience if we take gaming into measure. Performance overall was 8 out of 10 because we might have felt a minor glitch but the whole game ran smoothly. Not just GTA but Fortnite and PubG were working perfectly fine with ExpressVPN.

VPN Is Here To Save The Day

A risk of leaking your or your clients confidential information is always prominent while using VPN. My team tested ExpressVPN Service privacy measures with pure dedication. Our final verdict about its security and privacy was positive. We looked through its encryption module 256 Bit AES, which is impressively secure and safe to use. Authentication is also combined and linked with SHA 512 and RSA Key which gives more certainty to its protective trait.

All protocols provided by ExpressVPN Chrome are amazing and we would love to work with our clients using this server without stressing over any unfortunate circumstances. Using VPN is very easy but being comfortable while using it depends on how the provider has made all security measures.  There is always a feeling of risk while using VPN but with ExpressVPN it is not the same case. As we discussed they provide the best protocol and security measures which makes the user comfortable.

Very fast speeds across all server locations
More expensive than most of its competitors
Advanced security on both apps and servers
Can only be used on five devices at the same time
Split tunneling, Kill switch
Occasional dropped connections
Supports OpenVPN protocol across all platforms
Simple interface
Easily unblocks streaming sites from abroad, including US Netflix

The Final Thought

In my personal statement I would like to say that it was a ride to remember.  My team had real fun doing reviews of ExpressVPN. We all were amazed to see that it actually fulfilled its commitments, what they claim online they actually provide each and every feature. ExpressVPN Service is highly recommended by our team not only because of the speed and performance but also their encryption system which gives assurance of security, with modern unblocking ability and global networks.

The features are simple yet modernised in which its zero logging policy is also a part of new features.  With trusted servers they are claiming that it is totally protected and there will be no data leaking or identity revealed in the process. This VPN service is highly recommended for users who have high standards of anonymity. As a new user, ExpressVPN was very easy to use and its complex features were designed in a way that the application was very simple and user friendly. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

No, there is no need for any technical knowledge to operate or set up VPN.

No, it is not. If you are only using it to hide IP addresses to stream or utilize features that are restricted in some regions.

It depends on your requirements. Express VPN is great for newbies and professional users. as it has been operating for so many years, it gives visible protection and reliability to the users.

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