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Dreamhost always making sure to deliver fast and reliable hosting.
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DreamHost has been around for more than two decades now. During those years it has seen tremendous growth and a lot of developments. It is one of the most recommended web hosting platforms. You will find a lot of web developers, designers, and digital marketers suggesting DreamHost as their first choice among others.

It provides you with not just the best hosting services but also a diverse range of hosting options to choose from. In this article, we are going to give you a first-hand DreamHost review.

Question: What Makes DreamHost Best Hosting Service Provider?

Well, there are various aspects that make DreamHost stand out among its competitors. Here we are elaborating a few of them.

Affordable: DreamHost is one of the cheapest shared hosting providers

Uptime: Dreamhost guarantee 100% uptime for all plans

Domain: Choose unlimited domain names from over 275 extensions

Professional Email: Unlimited number of email addresses

1-click install: for popular web apps like WordPress, Joomla! and others

Money Back Guarantee: DreamHost offers a 97-day money back guarantee

Customer Support: Professional 24/7 Customer Support 2

Dreamhost Pricing - Small Price Tag

One of the highlights of DreamHost Pricing is that it asks for a very reasonable price and a very small amount as compared to other web hosting platforms. Now you must be wondering does it offer all the different benefits in that small price tag. DreamHost Cost for value is amazing in terms of quality and features.

The answer is ‘Yes, although there are various different Dreamhost pricing packages for different services. Still those packages let you avail of various perks without paying a hefty amount of money. It costs around $2.95 per month for 1 site plan. Moreover, you can also choose an unlimited tier for only $8.95.

Dreamhost Review - VPS Web Hosting

What we found quite interesting about DreamHost VPS is that it allows you to perform unlimited data transfer and offers you unlimited domains. This is one of the features that not all web hosting platforms provide at such a small price.

While we are providing DreamHost review it is also essential to mention the base memory of DreamHost VPS. It is the only downside, as the base storage is low. You will get just 1GB of RAM plus a solid-state drive of only 30GB with their basic plan

Apart from that, it is safe to say that DreamHost VPS is one of the best hosting service providers. It allows the server to avail maximum power to increase your site’s tap by decreasing the number of virtual roommates.

WordPress Web Hosting

DreamHost WordPress offers a quite useful feature for your website, it auto-updates the content management system. As a result, your website gets auto daily backups and increased security.

There are various price ranges for three different categories of DreamHost WordPress hosting including WordPress basic, DreamPass, VPS WordPress. For the primary plan called WordPress basic, the prices start from as low as $1.99 per month for the WordPress starter plan. Whereas, for WordPress unlimited plan the prices start from $3.95 per month.

If we talk of the starting price of the DreamPress plan, it is $12 per month accompanied by unlimited monthly transfers and emails. Plus you will get 30GB of SSD storage, we found this plan quite reasonable and useful. In fact, WordPress themselves endorses them as well

Site Migration

Previously, DreamHost review didn’t have this option of free site migration and a lot of users found it inconvenient. By bringing users’ feedback under consideration, DreamHost now started offering free WordPress site migration.

This addition is definitely good news for all WordPress users but not for other CMS users as this service of free site migration is only available for WordPress. Others still have to pay a specific amount to avail the site migration offer; which is around $99.

Tremendous Stability

One of the key factors which contribute towards creating and maintaining a good website is the stability of web hosting. If you don’t want your website to face trouble because of unstable hosting then opt for web hosting which has a stable uptime.

In this review of best-hosting providers, we have to mention how amazing DreamHost is in terms of its tremendous uptime. We have tested the stability of DreamHost for a month through different methods. We were pleased to see that it didn’t go down and remained stable throughout the testing period.

Extensive Range of Tools

DreamHost allows you to explore all different kinds of tools to create and run your dream website. If you are someone who loves to create the best version of your website, DreamHost provides you complete freedom to do that.

Starting from highly useful and website building tools to utilizing the most advanced security options, you get to choose from a diverse range of tools. Not just that but you can also access cloud hosting packages from top-notch cloud hosting offers by DreamHost.

Money-Back Guarantee

Apart from offering a wide range of services at a very low cost, DreamHost also offers its user a money-back guarantee. While availing its services, we found this money-back guarantee feature useful for building user trust. DreamHost Coupons delivers beneficial price deductions to certain clients. With exclusive features, they get multiple discount coupons for reliability.

It simply signifies that the service provider has complete trust in the services that they are offering to people. We got a 97 days money-back guarantee, you can get it too. It means if the users are not satisfied after signing up, they can cancel it within 97 days.

Upon cancelation, you will get a complete refund of your payment, but we are sure you don’t want to cancel your account once you start using it.

Dreamhost Response Time

US(W) US(E) London Singapore Sao Paulo
18 ms
81 ms
153 ms
182 ms
190 ms
Bangalore Sydney Japan Canada Germany
283 ms
158 ms
112 ms
83 ms
168 ms

Websites that drive traffic from around the globe require steady and consistent response time regardless of location and time. We have observed, DreamHost is quite steady at responding to site requests from around the world.

This feature makes it an ideal web hosting service provider for all those websites that aim to engage the audience from different parts of the world.

Dreamhost Review - Conclusion

In conclusion, it is safe to say that DreamHost has emerged as one of the best hosting service providers. Whether it’s our DreamHost review or VPS review of any other service of DreamHost, we have carefully observed this web hosting service to compile this review.

DreamHost review has very few cons and multiple pros, and that’s what we look for in an ideal web hosting provider. It is affordable and convenient to use for a larger number of consumers.

At the end of the day, it is your choice to choose the most suitable web hosting platform for your website. We hope the information that we have provided in this article will surely help you out in choosing the best hosting services.

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