Comparison Dedicated Hosting VS Shared Hosting

Difference between shared hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Choosing what hosting plan suits best for an individual is crucial and knowing what features and benefits these hosting plans provide is a must. Reviewing some incredible hosting packages makes it overwhelming. Different packages with distinctive features make each one worthy. Shared and Dedicated hosting are two different opinions for two different types of users and people must understand what type of hosting plans they need. Hosting services have their benefits and flaws, with these pros and cons people identify what they need for their requirements.

Dedicated hosting and shared hosting are just two options for a car owner who has different opinions for a sedan or an 8 seater minivan. Both are useful but have their qualities for millions of users. Hosting plans work for every user differently, Dedicated hosting servers are all about not using resources or sharing any of the data with different servers. It is highly protective yet it is not for highly confidential work. Dedicated servers are just like a two-seater or sports car which is dedicated to specific functionality. A specific server disk space is designed for a dedicated host server.

A shared hosting server is just like a minivan which is used by 8 different individuals with the same favors included in it. There are multiple users of the host with unlimited disk storage in a shared hosting plan. One physical server is provided to different users with the same resources which makes it usable for different users. Each user is identified with cost, bandwidth, and other features of the hosting.

Shared Hosting

Very limited resources available in shared hosting

Less pricey, more affordable

There is no technical experience and knowledge needed

It is less secure than dedicated option

Dedicated Hosting

Customization is possible with resources available

Control and demand over all of the resources

Needs high quality of technical knowledge for dedicated hosting

Much more expensive than shared hosting.

Ultimate Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting deprives extrinsic benefits but Dedicated hosting plans are best for a user who is familiar with a technical background. These dedicated servers are specially designed for users who might be very keen to customize their server strengths and capabilities.

When traffic is increased online, a dedicated server works pretty well with 100% capacity with full strength. A dedicated server gives root access, which is full access to the server and its functionality.

Optimization of server configuration makes it more controllable. With extensive control over optimization, there is a high level of control over the modification of software codes. The IP address of your host is secured safe and there are no threats of cyber blacklisting.

Ultimate Benefits of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting servers are usually supported by beginners or users who do not want to get in-depth control of the server. Less customization of shared hosting plans makes it very cheap when compared to dedicated hosting. An individual with a tight budget should go for shared hosting.

Another benefit of using a shared server hosting option is that it is very easy to use. A user-friendly dashboard makes it look super useful. Mainly users have to focus on building the business, every technical functionality is performed by providers. The shared hosting method is best for startups who want to firmly focus on designing and development rather than getting involved in technicalities.

Disk space in the Shared Hosting plan is unlimited and this is one of the biggest advantages of Shared option. The website traffic will be increased eventually, so you do not need to worry about disk space as it is unlimited.

Ultimate Drawbacks of Dedicated Hosting Plan

Dedicated servers are already an advanced form of a host, this makes it more costly than other hosting plans. AWS Dedicated Host Pricing may vary upon different type of packages.  With advanced features and customized functionality, it comes with a great cost also. The dedicated hosting cost is justified in a way that it is fully controlled and customized by its user.

Server administrative knowledge is required with a dedicated hosting plan and it needs to be used by a technically educated individual who has a background in managing such servers. If it is controlled by uneducated personnel it might be not useful and a burden of extensive cost.

Ultimate Drawbacks of Shared Hosting Plan

Limitation on resource utilization is a very common drawback of Shared Hosting. Thousands of websites using the same host can make resources limited to users. It makes the website traffic slow down the process because of limited access to resources.

Security can be another drawback of shared hosting methods as it is distributed to so many users it is accessed by thousands of users daily. To ensure hosting security, some providers work on updates that can reduce the chances of trespass of security.

Features to Consider

- Reliability

Downtime of websites and slowdown of the webpage is mostly faced in shared server hosts. Many users might not be using professionally which might bring lags and hang-ups in the process. Dedicated servers are efficient in terms of reliability as these servers are only utilized by specific dedicated users.

- Customization

Customization in shared hosts is very uncommon because any change in the server will apply to other users also. Dedicated servers are highly effective when it comes to customization. They can change the design and process as there is access to resources.

- Technical Knowledge

Technicalities in a dedicated host plan are required as it is formed to cater to individuals with technical knowledge who are familiar with upgrading systems and customization of resources. The shared host does not require the technical knowledge of individuals as they are designed to just activate and utilize certain functions.

Bottom Line

Both options are available for users, but not every user is willing to consume both hosting plans. Shared and dedicated has its benefits and drawbacks which make these both hosting plans distinctive from each other. You need to analyze your bandwidth, memory to utilize, power, and accessibility to choose the best option from both hosting plans.


Any start-up would stay on a budget and dedicated hosting is a very expensive option to go
for. Shared hosting is best for start-up business.

It is designed in a customized way and it is specifically created to entertain individual servers.

Dedicated hosting is planned individually for specific servers, shared hosting has multiple access to servers from different locations.

The shared hosting option is for people who are interested in a much cheaper option and do not want to get customization on the backend.

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