CyberGhost VPN Review – What makes it the Best

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Hours of research and several days for testing creates a bundle of results which comprehensively deliver a fully sorted review of a VPN. In the case of CyberGhost VPN, this was not the case, as it was a very quick and 2 day test review. VPN CyberGhost became my and teams favorite as we started using it for test and trial. The reason behind it was that we had several occasions where we downloaded this specific VPN and did not review it because of some work piled up. Fortunately, this time we did test it and we know it has so much to offer.

CyberGhost VPN keeps up with new features all the time, and upgrades their application very often. In past instances, we end up downloading its application for review and it is now very much changed and updated. Best way to keep your users delighted with your service is to introduce new features or change in appearances. With new updates it brings best Deals and Discounts for valued customers. 

All Billing Plans Include:

7300+ VPN Servers

7 devices protected

24/7 live Support

Available for: 

1 Month

$12.99 / month
  • 45-day money-back guarantee

6 Months

$6.39 / month
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


Servers: Wide range of access from +7000 servers

Multi Devices: Can be used on multiple devices simultaneously

Security: More updated security features

Plans: Pricing plans for Long term users

Streaming: High performing VPN for Streaming purposes

Kill Switch: Kill Switch supported


Limited Plans: May have limited Pricing plans

New Updates Feature

Kill Switch YES
Servers 7120
Multiple devices? How many? Yes, and 7 simultaneously
Money Back Policy 45 Days
Chat and Live Support 24/7/365
Streaming Upto 30 plus Streaming Platforms

Speed and connections - CyberGhost VPN

Our tests consisted of different variations and formats which gave high quality results for users. We tested CyberGhost VPN Download and upload speed on Mac and Windows. So, moving on to download speed tests, CyberGhost delivered good performance, but could have been better. On Mac, the speed was around 37.8 Mbps without VPN access. However, it got a little dump in speed while connected to VPN which ws 35.7 Mbps.

Providers Download Speed Upload Speed
CyberGhost VPN
Nord VPN
Express VPN
SurfShark VPN

 VPNs Speed differs on usage of servers around, which can affect speed to overall experience. When we connect to a VPN on Windows, speed gets affected with high potential. Windows Download speed, while not connected to VPN was 67.55 Mbps and when connected it showed 62.57 Mbps. CyberGhost Chrome is amongst one of the best extensions to use while browsing online with secure IP address.  

So does CyberGhost VPN gives relatable performance in different regions and locations?

Servers and Regions - CyberGhost VPN

With more than 7000 servers and above 90 countries access Cyberghost servers VPN becomes one of the best VPNs in the market. We did not experience any kind of interruptions or connection issues while connected to the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and France. As we went through different locations and servers we also got great connectivity from Sweden. 

Cyberghost Servers

Once we installed an application to get access to different locations from which it was pretty much successful in all of it. It showed resistance in the Asia Region but was working perfectly fine after some time searching servers. With thousands of servers it is very easy to stream your favorite show. CyberGhost VPN supports plenty of different streaming platforms to satisfy your TV show craving. For TV show lovers, CyberGhost Netflix works fine and gives access to multiple libraries.  

CyberGhost Streaming

Encryption Standards - CyberGhost VPN

From AES-256 to Kill Switch, and more to Dedicated IP, CyberGhost professionally regulates the experience of a server to make it secure. CyberGhost VPN Features like automatic connection to VPN when linked with public WiFi, makes it best for security purposes. Many users consume VPN for P2P sharing of Files or Torrenting, and it is mandatory to have high quality encryption for these functions. More protocol measures like WireGuard and OpenVPN support activity to make it safe sound experience for users. 

CyberGhost Protocol

It continues to break all the Geo-Restrictions or barriers amongst sites. Protection of your identity is from roamers and it gives the whole package to eliminate risk of identity theft. Data leak protection by VPN has to be most effective as it can be easily surpassed if not taken proper measures. High quality encryption methods make a VPN satisfactory for users.

What Makes CyberGhost Different From Others

Defining what makes the best VPN is easy because it delivers what it claims. On CyberGhost website they clearly explained that their support works tremendously well, it was the case. We identified some issues which were clear after just one query from their expert support team online. Their support chat team works with full confidence, as they know what problem should be treated what problem might be to solve it quickly. Moreover, gaming experience is incredible with CyberGhost VPN. It supports XBox and PlayStation consoles to give the ultimate gaming experience. Most VPNs does not encrypt consoles directly but CyberGhost Smart DNS feature makes it easy to incorporate without any fuss.

Cyberghost Gaming

Cyberghost VPN provides a large number of servers which are not available in most known brands like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Sharing files speed through P2P torrenting was also very quick when compared to other VPNs in the market. Torrenting shows direct performance of a VPN with quality results. CyberGhost Review justifies its overall targets and gives total encrypted files transfer and download torrent experience. 

CyberGhost Torrent

24/7 Support System

CyberGhost VPN service is amazing in terms of Customer satisfaction as they provide full support online on live chat and even live call sessions. We experienced a malfunction during our tests and it was our own fault. But still the experts fully collaborated with us to give genuinely helpful remarks and guided us through our problem. With other VPNs we experienced delay of time, but CyberGhost support team conveyed frequently asked questions and helped us through the process. Sometimes teams who are performing live chats are not educated well for the service they provide but the CyberGhost team analyzes and defines each problem to give us the ultimate solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyberghost claims to support 7 devices at the same time. We did a test and found out that it supports 7 devices simultaneously but it does affect the speed of download and upload when connected to all.

Yes, CyberGhost provides P2P file sharing with torrenting of files as well.

To set up your Cyberghost VPN, first choose and pay for your choice of a plan then you just need to get your credentials to login to the CyberGhost application. After that, it will automatically connect you to the best connection of the near server.

Both have their own pros and cons. But in our tests, CyberGhost worked pretty well. With all-new features and new updates, it works amazing.

Yes, it totally provides security options to protect your identity. Cyberghost claims to protect your data from any leakage or roamers surpass.

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