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When we talk about some of the most popular hosting platforms then DreamHost and Cloudways are those hosting platforms that we cannot ignore. Both of these hosting platforms offer a diverse range of highly useful features for web hosting. In this collation, we are going to review the features offered by comparison of DreamHost and Cloudways.

We have compiled a list of some of the key features that you should consider looking at while choosing the right web hosting platform.

DreamHost Cloudways
Guarantee of 100% uptime by DreamHost
99% uptime
97 days money back guarantee
3 days free trial
Mod_security, malware remover, end-to-encrypted
Firewalls, end-to-end encrypted, two factor authentication
24/7 customer support, though live chat might send automated replies at times.
24/7 call center support
Plans starting from $4.95 per month (shared hosting)
Plans starting from $10 per month
Free migration for WordPress hosting plans
Free migration
- Cloudways offers an easy setup process for deploying a new site on the server.
- Maximum security with two-factor authentication.
- The communication between the site and consumers is secured with SSL encryption.
- Improved server speed with Cloudways CDN. This feature is highly useful for online stores.
- Dedicated servers plans for large businesses and heavy traffic sites.
- DreamHost offers automated and daily on demand backups for WordPress hosting.
- It is quite active on Twitter, and also utilizes the platform to provide customer support.
- Their team comprises of a large number of WordPress experts. Hence they provide expert solutions to WordPress users more efficiently.

We are going to further elaborate the above-mentioned and additional key features of these top hosting platforms. Comparison of Dreamhost and Cloudways will highlight both hosting providers pros and cons.

Security - Dreamhost vs Cloudways

Both DreamHost and Cloudways Hosting have a number of useful security features. With every passing day, we have realized that users tend to opt for a web hosting platform that provides guaranteed security of data by incorporating multiple security features to ensure maximum security.

DreamHost Hosting offers free domain privacy, which is accessible to every user of DreamHost hosting. In addition to that DreamHost understands that malware can be a common problem that users don’t want their websites to encounter. Thence DreamHost provides protection against malware as well by automatically deducting malware and fixing them to keep websites safe. In addition to that DreamHost also provides its users with free SSL/TLS certificates.

Cloudways Hosting Review consider the security of its users highly crucial. To ensure maximum security Cloudways provides multiple features to enhance the security of its users’ data and their websites. One of such features is the ‘Click and Go Platform’, which is specially designed for WordPress-managed hosting. This feature secures the cloud servers by utilizing firewalls. Furthermore, while using Cloudways hosting services we have realized that automated site backups are quite useful as they allow users to choose how often they want the server to back up their data. Cloudways hosting also provides SSL certificates with all of its hosting plans. 

Customer Support - Dreamhost vs Cloudways

Cloudways allows its users to connect with Cloudways customer support team through multiple means; such as call, email, and live chat. In our experience, we have received a prompt response from the customer support team of Cloudways. Some users might receive automated answers on live chat depending on the type of query or complaint.

DreamHost Domain offers a 24/7 customer support feature but it also charges a fee if the users want to ring the customer support team of DreamHost. Users can also access their live chat support, this feature becomes permanently available at all times for users who pay a fee for a call back on monthly basis.

Pricing - Dreamhost vs Cloudways

Cloudways Pricing offers various packages and plans according to the hosting needs and requirements of the users. One of the basic plans offered by Cloudways hosting costs $10 per month, offering 1GB RAM, 1 core processor, 25 GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth. The most popular Cloudways hosting plan costs $42 per month, offering 4GB RAM, 2 core processor, 4TB bandwidth, and 80GB of storage. In addition to that Cloudways offers many other features with its hosting plans such as 24/7 customer support, SSL certificates, free migration, unlimited application installation, etc.

DreamHost is offering a shared starter plan, the price of this plan starts from just $2.95 per month. This is a sale price that is available for a limited period. In this plan, users can have access to a free domain, unlimited traffic, unmetered bandwidth, fast SSD storage, and other necessary features are included. Another highly popular hosting plan offered by DreamHost is called VPS 1GB Basic. Prices for this DreamHost hosting plan start from $13.75 per month. It offers 30GB SSD storage, free SSL certificate, one-click WordPress installation, unlimited emails, access to easy domain addition, unlimited websites, and other highly essential and useful features.


Easy to manage auto site backups
Due to some technicalities it might not be easy to use for beginners.
Pay-as-you-go features is highly useful feature offered by Cloudways
Pay-as-you-go features is highly useful feature offered by Cloudways Applications can only be managed by their own console only.
Free of cost one site migration
User friendly control panel


Access to unlimited bandwidth
Control panel might be complicated for some people
Unlimited Storage
Extra charges for call backs from customer support team
Free domain
It offers unlimited dub domain
Money back guarantee of astonishing 97 days

Bottom Line

To conclude this productive and detailed comparison between Cloudways hosting and DreamHost hosting, we would like to say that our experience of working on these platforms has been quite useful. Both of these platforms have been providing numerous hosting services for quite some time now. They have different sets of services to offer, different hosting plans and packages. Thence it totally depends on the users to opt for a hosting platform according to the hosting plans and services they are looking for.


  • How can I contact DreamHost’s customer support?

    ANS: The DreamHost customer support team can be contacted through email, call, and live chat.

  • What are the payment options available on DreamHost?

    ANS: DreamHost allows its users to pay through multiple modes of payment; such as PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Checking Account, Check or Money Order, Gift Certificate.

  • Is Cloudways site migration friendly?

    ANS: Yes, Cloudways offers its users one-time free site migration. In addition to that users can make additional site migration by paying a certain fee.

  • Does Cloudways support Google Compute Engine?

    ANS: Yes, Cloudways supports five cloud providers including Google Compute Engine (GCE).

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