Comparison Cloudways Vs NameCheap

In this article, we are going to write down some key points which will help you out in deciding which web hosting platform suits your requirements. Cloudways comparison Namecheap shows elaborated version of 2 best hosting providers.  When we compare two different web hosting platforms it is not just about coming up with a winner but more importantly to evaluate and share our experience of using them. Namecheap and Cloudways both have some very strong points and few weaknesses which might not cause any problem for a lot of users but it is important to know them.

This review is compiled after a thorough check and first-hand experience of using both of these highly useful web hosting platforms Namecheap and Cloudways. Before we move to a detailed analysis of Namecheap hosting and Cloudways hosting let’s compile some key features of these popular hosting platforms. 

99.99% uptime
Accounts are ensured with 99.9% uptime guaranteed
Firewalls, Bot protection, Data base protection, SSL certificates, Two factor authentication, end to end encryption
SSL certificates, Firewalls, DNSSEC, Suspicious device login control, 2 factor authentication
Customer Support call center
24/7 customer support live chat, customer support email
10$ per month 1GB RAM 1 Core processor 25GB storage
Stellar shared hosting plan for beginners 1.18$ per month (14.16$ in total).

Other than the key points mentioned above there are various aspects of these hosting platforms. We will elaborate in detail Cloudways Namecheap Comparison for our readers.

Cloudways vs NameCheap - Security

Namecheap uses highly secure software and hardware firewalls. It offers ‘leech protect’ which aims to protect excessive or unnecessary logins hence. Users also get access to virus scanners and another very important and commonly provided features such as SSL certificates to ensure maximum security. In addition to that Namecheap hosting’s WhoisGuard feature secures names and contact details of users to protect the website from spammers and hackers.

Similarly, Cloudways consider the security of its users very important. It provides multiple features to enhance the security of a website such as ‘Click and Go Platform’ specially designed for WordPress managed hosting. This feature protects the cloud servers by utilizing firewalls. Furthermore, we have found automatic site backups quite useful as it allows users to choose how often they want the server to backup their data. SSL certificates are an essential feature provided by Cloudways as well.

Cloudways and NameCheap Hosting Plans

Namecheap’s most affordable shared hosting plan for beginners includes their Stellar plan which costs $1.44 per month with 20GB disk space and unmetered bandwidth. Whereas, Xeon E3-2130 v5 is a dedicated hosting plan for 48.88 per month. Which comes with 100 TB bandwidth and 480 GB SSD.

On the other hand, Cloudways hosting offers a plan for $10 per month with 1GB RAM 25GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth. The most popular Cloudways hosting plan costs $42 per month offering 4GB RAM 80, GB storage, 4TB bandwidth. Furthermore, this plan offers 2 core processor as well. Cloudways hosting plans allow free access to SSL certificates, free migration, real-time monitoring, security patching, dedicated firewalls, and many more such useful features.

Customer Support

We found customer support of these hosting platforms reasonable. They offer 24/7 customer support service. That being said it is essential to mention that Cloudways users get to have more convenient access to different customer support features. Cloudways has phone call, email. and live chat facility for its users.

Whereas Namecheap users can contact customer support through live chat and email only, no phone call support is available currently. So in this aspect of having better customer support, we believe Cloudways is a little ahead of Namecheap 

Types of Hosting

We do understand that different users have different web hosting needs, hence they might be looking for different kinds of hosting options. In Cloudways and Namecheap Comparison, both offer numerous kinds of hosting options. These are a few key hosting approaches or types which we believe are plus points of these two hosting platforms.

- WordPress Hosting

Through Cloudways managed WordPress hosting service you can choose to replicate content for different WordPress sites on a cloud server. This process is done throughout a specified data center chosen by the user.

- VPS Hosting

There two different VPS hosting plans available on Namecheap. VPS hosting is known for quick and efficient page speed, and we believe it is even quicker than the dedicated server option available on different hosting platforms.

- DNS Hosting

DNS hosting represents the conversion or representation of a Domain name as a very unique IP address. It also emphasizes on the rapid page and website loading plus if your domain does not have this feature, Namecheap allows you to purchase DNS hosting service for your domain.

Pros & Cons of Namecheap

User friendly features
Customer support through phone not available
Daily backups
Dashboard features are little complicated
Efficient registration process
30 days money back guarantee
Affordable domain names

Pros & Cons of Cloudways

Pay-as-you-go feature
Limited or no utilization of Plesk and cPanel.
Free of cost one site migation
Cloud base hosting is not easily accessible for everyone as it requires experienced professionals to be properly used.
User friendly control panel
Customer support through phone call, email, live chat
Application level security

Cloudways vs NameCheap - Conclusion

It is safe to say that both Namecheap hosting and Cloudways hosting have multiple useful features. Choosing the most suitable hosting platform among these two depends on users’ requirements and the kind of web hosting they are looking for.

It is our suggestion to always go for a beginner hosting plan if you are new to this. Once you get used to the services plus, you like the feature and user experience then go for upgrading your plan. To further make it easy for new users, Cloudways hosting offers a pay-as-you-go feature and Namecheap offers 30 days money-back guarantee.

So in short both of these web hosting platforms are worth a try. 


  • What is the billing system on Cloudways?

    Ans: Cloudways implements post billing system.

  • Is Cloudways E-Commerce friendly?

    Yes, it supports various e-commerce platforms.

  • What is the Cloudways affiliate program?

    Ans: It is a program through which you can earn up to $6000 a month. For more information regarding the Cloudways affiliate program visit Cloudways official website.

  • Which hosting platform provides pay-as-you-go service?

    Ans: Cloudways offers pay-as-you-go feature.

  • Does Namecheap offer phone customer support service?

    Ans: No, it doesn’t provide customer support through phone. However, Cloudways offers this service.

  • Does Namecheap offer a money-back guarantee?

    Ans: Yes, Namecheap offers 30 days money-back guarantee.

  • What is Namecheap PremiumDNS?

    Ans: It is a highly useful feature offered by Namecheap to guarantee 100% uptime of DNS services. In addition to that, it is a popular feature among users as it is quite affordable.

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