Cloudways Hosting Review 2022

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There are lots of other hosting providers in the market, Cloudways hosting is a bit different from any other web hosting providers in the market. It stands out in the market from others because it makes you choose from several different platform options like Amazon Web Services, Linode, and Digital Ocean. Cloudways Packages and pricing are also distinctive from other hosting providers.

This review includes Speed, Uptime, Resources, Access, and every aspect which needs to go through before choosing a hosting plan. Cloudways review is based upon our technical team experience and what features they encountered in the process.


Amazing Uptime

Supported by different applications

Customer-friendly payment plans

Easy to use and setup

Three-day trial free


None registration option for Domain

Let's take it from the beginning

While setting up the account, Cloudways does not charge a single penny while building a website. It is a unique touch that is prominent in Cloudways hosting providers. After logging in it requests you to choose a content management system like WP (WordPress), Joomla, or PHP stack.

There is prominent flexibility in this procedure. This is extended to other server selections too. This makes it more flexible for users. Choosing from Vultr, AWS (Amazon Web Service), or Google Platform (cloud platform), and many others. 

Several server locations are designed to specifically choose unique users. Cloudways hosting makes it unique from other providers in the market.

Unique Features:

  • Payment as you go
  • Unlimited features available in all plans
  • Timely and effective operations
  • Extra-ordinary support team
  • Highly recommended to new users

Ecommerce and Cloudways Hosting

My team set up an eCommerce store that is fully optimized and amazingly designed. Cloudways is supported by PrestaShop and Magento to develop eCommerce stores with all options

It was fully Secured by a regular SSL (secure socket layer) certificate which also attracts more clients.The essential data encrypted between user and provider which designed a trustworthy relationship with cloudways hosting.

Cost and Pricing Plans

Comparing it to other host services providers it is very much the best option for every new investor. Cloudways hosting does not limit access if you are willing to drop off the plan in several working days. Like a user will be charged for their 10 days usage if they like to switch after 10 days. Users need to pay for 10 days only. Some hosting providers will enclose monthly payments even if the user likes to leave after one day.



$12 / month
  • RAM 1GB
  • Processors 1 Core
  • Storage GB 25GB
  • Bandwidth 1TB

100% risk-free — no credit card required!



$13 / month
  • RAM 1GB
  • Processors 1 Core
  • Storage GB 25GB
  • Bandwidth 1TB

As a distinctive set of users in the market, Cloudways Pricing also offers a traditional monthly billing style for such clients. In these packages, you do not need to pay for Digital Ocean charges, as they are already included in these packages. $12 /month is charged for 1 GB RAM, with 1 Core Processor, and 25 GB of storage, with 1TB bandwidth. This package comes with 24/7 support with real-time monitoring, Free SSL, and Auto Healing options. The most popular package is $42 /month which includes all the same features with increased 4GB RAM, 2Core Processors, 80 GB Storage, and 4TB Bandwidth. These plans go up to $80 /month.

Some Improvement of Cloudways

Like other hosting servers, Cloudways does not provide domain registration. The client has to acquire a domain from GoDaddy or NameCheap or any other domain seller. 

Other than this downside, Cloudways Apps have an Email service issue which is mandatory to look into. It is very much costly if compared to other hosting providers in the market. Cloudway charges $1 for one working email service. Which can be pretty expensive if we look into it. Depending on individual usage of email service it can go up to plenty of huge bucks, as other competitors are already providing some level of service in this area.

Uptime and Performance

Performance was on the spot as my team ran some high-functioning errands which worked pretty fine. Imagine your website being down for some time which can cause potential visitors of the website to track out from getting access. Uptime of Cloudways is excellent as we used a web tool to monitor any downtime if it appears. The tool itself was very efficient with sending ping every few minutes to check the performance of the website. We did not experience any downtime in the total time of usage.

Overall performance was satisfying as every movement was calculated and measured, it gave us in depth analysis of Cloudways functions. My team was convinced with the overall experience of hosting service but there were some durations where we needed help from support.

Excellent 24/7 Support

The support team of cloudways is always on duty to resolve issues of clients. Clients can connect with individuals personally on skype calls after filling out a mandatory form. 

With the option of direct interaction they also have instant chat representatives who are fully educated of the system and well prepared to resolve any of the clients’ queries. 

This brings a lot of satisfaction as we do not have to wait more than a few seconds to get an instant satisfying response from the team. The infrastructure of legal policies and guidance is very informative as every answer is questioned by support representatives and they have defined infrastructure online to understand policies.

Final Verdict

As the overall experience of Cloudways Hosting was satisfying, the verdict would be to choose cloudways hosting as your service provider. Unfortunately some expenses like emails services, and domain registration issues, this company is providing top-notch quality service to the users. The targeted audience here is people who need to understand hosting or using it for the first time. Its payment and pricing plans are very attractive for new users.

100% risk-free — no credit card required!


You just need to sign up for Cloudways from the website and choose your plan. Continue the payment method and get started with your hosting.

Yes! It is very easy to use. It’s interface is very user friendly and helpful which can be
used by any beginner.

Fast connection with unlimited access to servers. Many useful features can enhance your routine work and update your security protocols.

It is one of the best hosting providers in the market right now. Providing many
different services like hosting, domains verification, VPS and Cloud Services under
one name.

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