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Cloudways Review 2021
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Cloudways Hosting Review 2021

Picking from a wide range of hosting service providers can be a hectic task. There are numerous hosting solutions with a diverse range of services, offers, packages, and pricing. Our aim is to introduce you to some of the best hosting solutions available out there. Today we are going to review Cloudways hosting and let you decide if Cloudways pricing, packages, benefits are worth trying or not.

So let’s distribute this Cloudways review into few different sections to elaborate on different aspects of Cloudways hosting according to our personal research and experience using Cloudways services.

Highlights of Cloudways

There are various aspect or characteristics of Cloudways which make it stand out among its competitors. In terms of features, there are numerous aspects that highlight the key benefits of Cloudways hosting. Here are a few highlights that proved to be quite useful for us while using Cloudways hosting.

Before we move on to our detailed Cloudways review, here is the list of a few key points of Cloudways hosting:

– Secure with two factor authentication.

– 24/7 customer support.

– Dedicated firewall for WordPress sites.

– Pay as you go pricing policy.

– Auto site healing.

Furthermore, Cloudways have a lot to offer. While using different services of Cloudways to observe its overall performance we came across various characteristics that we found quite useful which are a must to mention in this review. So here we go.

Accessible Control Unit

Cloudways have a lot of key factors that make it user-friendly in a lot of different ways. One of such features is its easily accessible control unit which lets you manage different settings, servers, teams, and applications with convenience. Once you create an account on Cloudways, you can simply look after or customize different aspects of web hosting according to your preference and choice from the control panel.

Customer Support

Although all web hosting platforms have a customer support section to assist their users but Cloudways customer support stands out among others. We have noticed a quick and efficient response to our queries from the customer support team of Cloudways. You will have access to a 24/7 customer support feature through live chat once you create an account on Cloudways.

Furthermore, on registration, there was sufficient information provided to us in form of blogs, articles, and emails. In addition to that, there is another very useful feature that we must mention in this Cloudways review, which is called CloudwaysBot. This particular feature keeps an eye on servers to provide you with the latest updates regarding your account and to also notify you when there is an issue.

Loading Time

Another highlight of Cloudways hosting is the quick loading time. Through numerous experiments and tests, we have observed that it takes less than 2s to load a page. It is quite efficient response and loading time considering the fact that it remained this prompt even on pages with heavy data and size.
We have noticed that a lot of people in their reviews have acknowledged the fact that Cloudways loading speed is the best among its competitors. So if you are currently paying a lot of money to a hosting services provider without getting an efficient loading speed, then perhaps shifting to Cloudways is an ideal option for you.

Cloudways Pricing

Here comes the most important aspect of a web hosting platform. Pricing of a hosting platform is what a lot of people look for when they are in search of an ideal web hosting platform. Before we discuss the pricing details of Cloudways, let us mention that Cloudways has five hosting partners; AWS, Google Cloud, Vultr, DigitalOcean, and Linode.

Depending on these hosting partners and plans you will get to choose from a wide range of offers and packages. There is something for everyone at Cloudways as the pricing packages are quite flexible and diverse.
Cloudways pricing starts from $10 per month and goes up to $226 per month. The cheapest pricing plans on Cloudways hosting are offered by DigitalOcean. Whereas, the most expensive ones are by GoogleCloud. DigitalOcean’s $10 per month offer comes with 1 GB RAM, 1 core processor, 25 GB storage, and 1 TB of bandwidth.

So it is safe to say that Cloudways has one of the most diverse pricing plans. If your need a basic package you can easily get it at an affordable price from Cloudways. At the same time if you are a heavy user and require an advanced level of web hosting features even then you can find AWS and GoogleCloud’s high-end hosting packages on Cloudways.


Drawbacks of Cloudways

Apart from multiple positive and highly useful features of Cloudways, there are few aspects that should be improved or introduced in Cloudways.

Domain registration is currently not available on Cloudways and it is a drawback for those people who are looking to buy a domain name from the web hosting platform. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to register a domain on Cloudways. We believe this feature should be introduced to enhance the user experience and convenience.

There might be another setback only for advanced-level users. Cloudways doesn’t have the feature to create a custom app without PHP.

Other Recommended Web Hosting Services

Is Cloudways E-commerce friendly?

This is a question that we have come across on so many occasions. The answer is yes, it is an e-commerce friendly hosting platform. Cloudways hosting is equipped with a lot of e-commerce friendly features. According to a recent survey, more than 10k e-commerce sites are being hosted by Cloudways.

There are numerous features to provide convenient site hosting for e-commerce websites. Magento and WooCommerce are among several e-commerce platforms supported by Cloudways hosting.

Cloudways Hosting Review 2021- Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope this Cloudways review will help you out in identifying all the major aspects of Cloudways hosting and what are the perks of working on this hosting platform. Overall we have found this hosting platform one of the ideal options if you are looking for a complete hosting solution for your site. Cloudways pricing, user-friendly features, customer support, diverse hosting packages make it a comprehensive hosting solution.

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